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Halloween tip of the day: Using autofs with the ghost option

Adding –ghost at the end of your definition in /etc/auto.master or in /etc/auto.master.d/ definitions, tells the automounter to create “ghost” versions (i.e. empty directories) of all the mount points listed in the configuration file regardless whether any of the file systems are actually mounted or not.

This is very convenient and highly recommended, because it will show you the available auto-mountable file systems as existing directories, even when their file systems aren’t currently mounted.

Without the –ghost option, you’ll have to remember the names of the directories. As soon as you try to access one of them, the directory will be created and the file system will be mounted. When the file system gets unmounted again, the directory is destroyed too, unless the –ghost option was used. 


/home/guests /etc/auto.guests --ghost
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