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Linux on Mac Pro is x Yosemite

Hi I’m not a strong tech guy and never used Linux but trying to become smart....🥺

My dad gave me his old Mac Pro OS X Yosemite which can’t be updated, hence I have old version of blender and other apps I use. There are three hard drives. Samsung SDD 1 as my boot up and 2 other ones. It’s quad core 2.8x2 ghz and gots 64 ram so I don’t want to buy another computer if I don’t have to.

What I want to do is move all my files from SSD kinstrong 240 drives to the other internal drive. This part i can do.

Then when that drive is free of space can I use it to install and boot up Linux and be capable of downloading new versions of my software? Can someone give a good reference to follow for this?

If not can I use a USB on this Mac to install Linux? I see tons of tutorials on this I probably can follow.

🙏 thanks 😊

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