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Purchasing RHCSA exam (ex200) from Turkey **** There are no items in your cart rhcsa exam

I am trying to pay for the remote exam (rhcsa ex200), but after I add the RHCSA 8 exam to the cart and click checkout, it redirects me to a page where it is suggested to click Login or register( Even though I am already logged in ), I click login and I am redirected to the site

Where do I get a notification saying "There are no items in your cart.

So how can I pay for it from  Turkey? since i know if i put USA in account preferences and buy the Individual exam for USA region is allow me to procedure, but the exam for USA is 400 USD instead of 450 USD so i assume that it will cause some issue while ID verification.

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

This means that red hat using a local reseller only option in you region , so individual purchases are blocked . Contact redhat training for the local reseller details , then they will purchase the voucher from redhat for you.



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