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Question about my EX200V9K exam

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Hello @lkraimer 

It's unfortunate that you're facing difficulties with the RHCSA exam. The gap between your study efforts and exam performance could be due to various factors, including your exam strategy, or how you're applying your knowledge practically.

Studying through Red Hat Academy is a solid start, but given the exam's practical focus, ensure you're getting enough hands-on practice. Revisit areas where your scores were low, like "Configuring local storage" and "Creating users," and focus on practical application.

Also, think about your approach during the exam. It's crucial to read questions carefully and manage your time well. The exam environment can be stressful, and it's easy to misunderstand tasks or miss important steps.

Consider diversifying your study resources to gain different perspectives and explanations. Reflect on your past exam attempts to identify challenging areas and focus your studies accordingly. Getting feedback from instructors or peers who have passed the exam can also be very helpful.

As you prepare for your next attempt, use your previous experiences to shape your study plan, emphasizing areas of difficulty and simulating exam conditions in your practice.

The key to passing a hands-on, practical exam like the RHCSA is balancing theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Keep working hard, and best of luck in your next attempt!

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Starfighter Starfighter

Hello lkraimer,

Let me begin by saying congratulations on making the effort to achieve the
certification that this exam provides!!!

I know you mentioned that you've taken the exam twice, with both attempts
being unsuccessful in achieving a passing score.  Based on what you stated
about the camera issue on the first exam, I'm going to look at your outcome
as being unsuccessful on only one attempt.  I know that will sound as though
I'm splitting hairs, but even if you possessed more than the knowledge required
to pass the exam, technical issues are not something that even the complete
knowledge for the exam could/would have overcome.  So, let's not count that
first attempt.

You mentioned that you're using the material from the Red Hat Academy as
the resource for exam preparation.  You've got all that you need in terms of
study material!!!  

When you're studying, be sure that you're performing the lab exercises, and
that you're "truly" digesting what is being covered.  The guided exercises are
great, however, I would strongly encourage you to go beyond just following 
the steps that are provided!!!  In addition to what is given to you in the course
material, may I suggest that you create/generate your own exercise(s) to solidify
what is covered in each of the chapters.  I truly feel it's great to enter the exam
in the same manner that you would be entering a new job - you are expected
to be able to perform.  I'm not saying that you are expected to know everything
from A-Z.  However, because the Red Hat exams are alll performance based, the
do demand a much higher level in the comprehension of the material.  

Without having actual/practical experience with many of the concepts covered
on the exams, it's not likely that one pass through the course material will be 
sufficient in achieving a passing score.  Again, I say it's a great approach to the
preparation by learning the material as if you're expected to go to work as a 
consultant, which translates to your being expected to "know your stuff".

Okay, you get the point that I'm attempting to drive home here.  In closing, let
me suggest that you practice, practice, and practice some more!!!  Outside of
issues beyond your control (i.e. technical issues), it's impossible to "truly" 
understand the concepts that are assessed, and not be able to achieve a 
passing score.  You can do it!!!

Whatever you do, don't quit.  You only fail if you stop!!!

Trevor "Red Hat Evangelist" Chandler
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Hello @lkraimer !

 Thanks for taking out time and sharing your experience with all of us here. It is really inspiring to see your determination in your attempts to gain the prestigious RHCSA badge. 

You will get it - of that I have no doubt!

Please ponder over these things :

  1. Have you understood the core concepts and have practiced the guided exercise or labs given in the course chapters without looking at the solutions ?
  2. The lab at the end of each chapter sections comprises a comprehensive learning objective of the whole chapter and contains a lab grading script tp grade against the objectives of the lab - after you did the lab on your own ( without looking at the solution ) carefully observe how the grading script results ? If it is failing - try to see what went wrong and how did or can it become all pass ?
  3. Exam instructions are very important - please give sufficient time to read it during the exam - it contains vital information to use during the exam.  In no case we should deviate from the exam instructions in the exam.
  4. The password, username, filename , foldername, path , server , hostname etc - all informations are important and no spelligng mistakes shoule be there - it is the same way as a lab grade script in the end of chapter will grade you fail if you misspell anything ( which is part of question / objective ).
  5. Understad the objective of each question in the exam - where to do what is also important.
  6. The comprehensive review labs at the end of course is really really good practice lab - which covers a wide range of topics in a single lab.
  7. Remember that : the configurations must persist after reboot
  8. Unlearn the things first and then relearn with a new approach - you can take help from the links given at the bottom of course lessons to dig a little bit deeper or take help from inernet if you need so. 
  9. A lot of discussions regarding RHCSA is available in this community itself - go through them and see if they can benefit you in any way - to realign your learning goals. 
  10. Ask questions in the community - if you need any help - we are here to assist you.
  11. As @Trevor mentioned , practice and try to go beyond what is mentioned in the sections.
  12. Keep the exam objective handy and always refer it for exam practise : 

Please reach out to us in case you need any help from us. 

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>>>>>>4. I agree! All of those are important, the main thing I question is (a GENERAL example of creating a user) is it where you first do useradd user01 and then create the password using passwd and add them to a group using usermod? Or is it all on one command? That’s my worry is the grading script checks for command history and even though it’s another way of doing it, the grading script doesn’t like it.<<<<<<<<<<<<

No, grading script does not look at what command you executed to achieve it - it simply grades whether the objectve was met or not. You can doa certain task with any choice of commands you wish - provided it achieves the objective of the question in particular and exam in general.

Eg. suppose you have to create 5 users - it is upto you if you want to run the useradd command 5 times or you want to use a for loop to achieve the same in one go!


>>>>>>>>7. Admittedly, I may have rebooted once for the first set of tasks, oops… so that’s something I need to do probably after every task or every couple tasks<<<<<<<<<<<

Again it is upto you how you want to do this - it all depends upon how you manage your time and how do you want to assure yourself about the permanent configurations. To be honest - I would not do reboot after every question I solve - but definitely atleast once or twice ( after carefully doing each and every question I could do ). 

All the best - keep them coming - we will assist you in all possible ways ( ofcourse while keeping the NDA intact:)    )

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