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I got my RHCSA cert a few years ago. I started looking for a job doing something in Linux. I had already been a systems admin for a few years so I was not green. In my search I found that nobody cared that I had that cert. Recruiters even told me it won't do me any good. I had some experience with Linux as well. Not much, but some. Everyone wanted 5+ years of experience to even give someone a chance. 

I am wondering how do you get experience without getting a job to get experience? My cert has since expired. I don't know if I want to spend the money to get it again. It seems like it was a waste of money. 

Has anyone else here had any issues finding a job even though you have the cert?

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Flight Engineer

yes that's correct most organization don't care if you're certified or not, the thing that matters is how much knowledge you have, Red Hat's certifications will give you confidence to perform well on the job and as they keep updating the syllabus it will keep yourself update to date with the latest industry trends, let's understand this with the example if you have a RHCSA 7 then you would not be having any idea about containerization but in the RHCSA 8 they introduced containers so now every RHCSA must have at least basic knowledge of containers.

I personally like to read their student guides over documentation as their student guides are so well designed provides simplified explanations, examples, notes/warnings and external references which makes it easier for me to get the required knowledge. 


Hello @vandread44 !

Thanks for reaching out!

It depends upon the country, the organisation and the role for which you have applied. If the role has an intrinsic requirement of 5+ years of experience then that becomes hiring requirement. It also is clear that certs are no alternatve to work / job experience. 

I would never say that certs are "waste of money / time" - the certs not only help you learn valuable skills required for a role but it also makes you stand out in the selection process since the Red Hat certs are prestigious and an industry standard ( there are ample professionals testimony available on the internet to support this statement ). 

Also, you need to check the job requirement for the role which you applied - many a times  only certs are not a guarantee of hiring. As per my knowledge only RHCSA with no work experience can be useful for an entry or L1 level Linux admin job. The certs with 2-3+ years of experience will be added advantage for a job change or for a similar role in the current organisation. 

I will suggest to apply for a role that requires less experience or look for a role that is looking specifically for RHCSA / RHCE cert. Many service oriented organisations are preferrable here. Reach out to the hiring managers and try to get the requirement at hand - this may give some clarification to you while applying. 

I always encourage folks  to get their RHCSA & RHCE updated in case they are looking for a job - certs also help you prepare for technical interviews because the certification exams are updated to the industry trends and demands - Trust me the questionnaires mostly revolves around the topics covered in RHCSA/ RHCE - hence surely they are not a "waste of time".

This is all based on my experience and understanding - and it is just an advice ! Every other advice given by others has equal weight. 

I wish you all the best for your job search !

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Flight Engineer


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