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RHEL 9 - in nmcli command , ipv4.method manual or static are both option correct

Hi All,

When we use nmcli command to add or modify any NIC configuration, I have observed that 

ipv4.method option accecpted "manual" as well "static" to configure static ip address. Are both option correct and same purpose. As per latest document for RHEL9, there is no option mention as "ipv4.method static" but still it is working. Its strange for me. Is there backward compatibilty.

One more thing , when you press "TAB" kep after "ipv4.method" , you not get option as "static" but still when you type it , it will accept.

 nmcli con modify "Wired connection 1" autoconnect yes ipv4.method static
 nmcli con modify "Wired connection 1" autoconnect yes ipv4.method manual


Thaks in advance if any one clear my doubt.





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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Seems to be made purely for our convenience, not even for backward compatibility.

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