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RedHat kernel versions and backported features list

Hello RedHat community,

I'm trying to find changelogs from RedHat kernels which include features backported from upstream mainline Linux kernels.

I found the RedHat releases and their respective kernels here , but I didn't find a "feature changelog" yet.

I am about to deploy Zen2/3 Epyc servers and there are notable improvements on performance on newer kernels, including the many mentioned on Phoronix, like Zen2/3 CPUFreq fixes (5.11 kernel) and even faster IO_uring (5.12 kernel), and I would like to know if there are plans to backport such features on RHEL8 4.18 kernel, for example.

Is there a RedHat kernel feature list, or a mailing list where I could ask?


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Sorry. Now I found it.

On RedHat documentation, there are Release Notes for each new RedHat version, like RedHat 8.3:

I will look into them to learn more.

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I was able to find examples of backported kernel features, like the mlxsw rebased from upstream Linux Kernel 5.7.

So my concern was solved, and now I learned that RedHat periodically do feature backporting to be able to provide not only stability, but new features as well, when they are mature enough.

Thanks again!

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