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Redhat VHD for RH-124 and RH-134

How can we create Redhat official Lab images for RH-124 & RH-134 on RHEL8,   VMDK file for VMware Workstation? Can someone guide?

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

The official lab images are NOT available outside of Red Hat Training.

If your end goal is to practice some of the concepts learned, download RHEL using the Developer Subscription. You will also find useful!


Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

You can make your own VMs as that will also assist you in learning. If you need the Kerberos and LDAP parts you can check out this video below from Sander van Vugt. I used his books and videos to pass my RHCSA last year and using them to study for my RHCE right now. The video is shown using CentOS 7 so I don't know if the IPA install and config has changed much if any in RHEL 8.  I know he's working on a RHEL 8 RHCSA/RHCE courses but since CentOS 8 is not out yet I don't know when he will have them ready. 

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