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Mount: block device is write-protected, mounting-read-only

RImage at work

I built the Linux workstation and I have windows 7 PC connected with Rimage connected to it.
Rimage is basically burn cds for clients to view some information etc.
I have used cross over cable to connect from Linux workstation to windows PC because my client does not to have windows PC on the network. I am able to ping to windows Pc but on Linux workstation I am getting this error please see below,

Mount: block device // is write-protected, mounting-read-only
Mount: cannot mount block device // read-only

Do you have any advise?

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

On the Windows PC you need to make sure that both the Windows share permissions are set as well as the Windows file permissions. Additionally is the Windows firewall up or do you have the correct ports set to allow? Also on the Linux client do you have cifs-utils installed as I assume this is a Samba share you are using? Lastly what command are you using to mount?

You can use the command below to show the Samba share you created, the parts in ALL CAPS are variables for your set up.

smbclient -L //WINDOWSSERVER

If the above does not show your share you need to fix that before you proceed. Example below on how to mount.


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