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I'm a new Linux user. I recently purchased a self-support subscription of RHEL. I am having issues understanding documents because I don't know the terms used in those documents. I think maybe I am not following the documents sequentially.  Can anybody help me to understand where I should look for materials and resources?

What I could able to do so far:
Proper installation, register and subscribe my system, create a user account.

Next targets:

VNC server set up so all the users can access the system and work in parallel, software installation, which will be usable for all users, user management. 


Thanks for your time!

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I found the UNIX & Linux StackExchange site a few years ago, and found it to be a great repository of information! I've learned quite a bit about safer shell scripting practices and system management in general. It's part of a family of sites, including Super User, Ask Ubuntu, Server Fault, and Stack Overflow. Check it out at Unix & Linux Stack Exchange 

I dare say you've also found a nice resource here at the Red Hat Learning Community!

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