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Useful article on swap space

I saw this good article that's been around for a bit on why swap space is important, and thought I'd share it with the community.  It might be of particular interest to some of the folks taking the RH442 performance tuning course for another author's take on these memory management topics.

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A PC has adequate measure of actual memory however the greater part of times we need all the more so we trade some memory on plate. Trade space is a space on hard plate which is a substitute of actual memory. It is utilized as virtual memory which contains measure memory picture. At whatever point our PC run low on actual memory it utilizes it's virtual memory and stores data in memory on circle. Trade space helps the PC's working framework in imagining that it have more RAM than it really has. It is likewise called as trade file.This exchange of information between virtual memory and genuine memory is called as trading and space on circle as "trade space".

Virtual memory is a blend of RAM and circle space that running cycles can utilize. Trade space is the segment of virtual memory that is on the hard circle, Antalya temizlik şirketleri utilized when RAM is full.

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