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RH415 v9 labs: custom PAM profile; doesn't seem to be done the right way

In the RH415 v9 labs, section 6.7 there's a task to enable full terminal logging with pam_tty_audit module. To achieve this authselect is used as follows:

authselect create-profile minimal-with-tty-audit \
    -b minimal --symlink-meta --symlink-pam
echo "session required disable=student enable=devops log_passwd" \
    >> /etc/authselect/custom/minimal-with-tty-audit/system-auth

 I've the problem that the custom profile has been created with symlik options that are then edited. This means that the actual templates from /usr/share/authselect/* are being updated. This results in two major problems

a) next patch/update (or reinstall) of authselect-libs will wipe this change out

b) this will affect all other profiles

To avoid this I'd avoid using --symlink* options and have these files in custom location (location of custom profile), edit that and apply profile.

Am I missing something here?

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@martindxc Thanks for your time and reporting this potential issue here. Let me check this with the concerned team and I will let you know once I have an update on this. 

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