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exam failed - how to recover?

Hi dear learning community,

recently i did fail on ex415v92k with those results:

Use Red Hat Ansible® Engine: 100%
Configure intrusion detection: 0%
Configure encrypted storage: 67%
Restrict USB devices: 0%
Manage system login security using pluggable authentication modules (PAMs): 0%
Configure system auditing: 33%
Configure SELinux: 67%
Enforce security compliance: 67%
Manage security on Controller: 50%

Due to some topics i was 100% sure that i made some tasks absolutely correctly. For an example for PAM and Aide, i did all the tasks mentioned in the exam, but did get only 0%, it's like i did nothing at all?!

For learning, i have always used the appropriate course like RH415, but now after the exam, i have the feeling that this course with it's quite simple labs just not enough for me to pass EX415. 

Could anybody suggest how to prepare myself better for this exam?

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So, the course should cover all the material you need to pass the exam and more. I will say that you might want to re-read some of the questions more closely on the exam and that you performed the tasks on the correct system. There was an instance on an exam where I completed the tasks on the incorrect system, so even though everything tested fine and I was testing and things were working, because the work was done on a completely incorrect system, it results in a 0 for those tasks.

There are also some instances where you cannot get partial credit or it might be impossible to get partial credit for items, so if you screw something easy up, it can impact other items. One piece of advice I have for you it is to map the GEs and EoC labs to the corresponding exam objectives. Then map items you find in those to man pages and other system documentation. Finally, extend the lab or GE a bit ... think how else could I complete this or how might I be tested to meet this objective.

Travis Michette, RHCA XIII
Red Hat Certification + Training

@MKLegion apart from what Travis mentioned , you can do somethings to recover and re-attempt the exam : take a short break, reflect on your preparation strategy, reassess the exam grading, focus on those low scored sections, revisit the course and the labs with a fresh approach, recall any unexpected scenarios in the exam, time management, revisit the exam objectives, refer official documentations and plan the re-attempt soon. 

Take care - you will ace it next time!

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