Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Coming Soon: Red Hat Academy Talent Network

Red Hat Academy students and attendees of the EMEA Open Talk Series, 

Answer any of the following in this thread to start conversations around careers, the Talent Network and questions you may have: 

  • Introduce yourself | What Red Hat Academy institution do you attend, what are you studying, etc?
  •  What careers look or sound interesting to you? 
  • What are you looking forward to most about the RHA Talent Network?
  • Share any goals you might have for 2022

I look forward to creating a community of collaboration, connection and feedback as we focus on highlighting your talent in 2022. 




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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

  1. I'm Lauren and I am the Global Project Manager for Red Hat Academy! I graduated with a degree in Biology from the University of Mount Olive. 
  2. I've always imagined myself making an impact and helping others, no matter what field I was in. I work within an academic program, which helps shape the direction and opportunities that we provide to instructors, students and many other passionate individuals who want to positively influence the next generation of IT leaders. 
  3. With the Talent Network, I'm excited to help build a pipeline of Red Hat talent to give opportunity to students across the world, who strive to begin their careers utilizing the skills and knowledge they've atttained through Red Hat Academy. 
  4. My goal for 2022 is to listen, advocate and promote opportunity to further drive a successful Talent Network for our RHA students. 
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

  • I'm Emanuel and I'm studying through RHLS. I'm graduated in Database and Computer Networking
  • Thouse related with infrastructure
  • With the RHA Talent Network, I'm looking for enrich my learning process, sharing knowledge, and grow my networking
  • Become a Red Hat Professional certified and start building my path towards RHCA.
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