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Can JSON be used on EX294 RHCE Exam?

I prefer to used json to write my ansible playbooks. I'm aware that barely anyone uses json in the real-world ansible community, but I feel safer writing in json during the exam (because who writes yaml with vim anyway?).
I've heard that a script grades the exam, and I'm worried the script may, for example, check for the presence of a "playbook.yml" instead of a "playbook.json" (or yaml syntax in general), as has happened during the course labs.

Is it safe to use json during the exam? 

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Starfighter Starfighter

I'm interested in this answer as well. I'd assume that it won't matter if the playbook is in YAML or JSON. (I use vim for YAML, btw).

Anyway, I suspect that it is the end result that matters, the final state, not the playbook that accomplished that state. However, I do not know.

Incidentally, if using vim for YAML, try this in .vimrc

autocmd FileType yaml setlocal ai ts=2 sw=2 et cuc nu

Now, when vim detects that a YAML file is being edited, it uses a 2-space indentation when the Tab key is pressed, highlights columns, auto indents subsequent lines, and displays line numbers.

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