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Can Red Hat Adacemy Admin create a course and assign instructor?

Hey all,


I'm the Red Hat Academy Admin and this semester we've added a new person to teach the Red Hat Content for the first time. I've always taught everything myself up to now.


It is not obvious to me if it is possible for the admin to create a class and place an instuctor as the lead or if the instructor has to do that him/herself.


I've added the instructor as admin. I've create a class as an instructor but I've not changed/assigned instructors ad admin.

Any insight would be most appreciated.


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Great question! Only instructors can create classes. Unfortunately, the admin cannot create and assign classes. Admins can only add instructors and see all the courses created by the instructors. 

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As an academy_admin, you can add an instructor to your Academy. You cannot assign an instructor to a class or create classes for them.

As an instructor, you can create classes and add students to them. You cannot add another instuctor, or academy_admin, to the Academy.

I hope you are both:


Click your login name in the upper right corner. You can then use the drop-down list to change your role.

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