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DO180 (v4.6) Chapter 3, Section 1 errata

Just a few notes about the DO130 (v4.6) Chapter 3, Section 1 material. I bring this stuff up because students like to follow along in a terminal as they're reading the material.

In the content there is, in this order, these Podman commands and examples:


As stopped containers cannot be killed, I'd suggest that the order be changed so that it's stop, restart, then kill. I'd also suggest that kill -s <signal> be moved to a NOTE under kill instead of an example on its own - the output isn't any different from kill anyway.


This is supposed to be a bullet point, not an asterisk:



There is a superfluous + sign here:



Finally, there's this Note that mentions the inspect subcommand.


This subcommand was not previously covered in this section (the others are). I'd suggest it be added after the explanation of the podman ps command. Perhaps something like:

  • podman inspect: Get information about the container. The information is displayed in JSON format.

[student@workstation ~]$ podman inspect my-httpd-container


...output omitted...

(Y'all are using user@host and I'm using student@workstation because I'm working on a system configured to replicate the RHALP lab space.)

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