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DO180 (v4.6) Chapter 6, Section 8 (Guided Exercise) continuity issue

DO180 (v4.6) Chapter 6, Section 8 (Guided Exercise) seems to have a a couple of continuity issues.

I can't test it out at the moment as the v4.6 lab space for DO180 is still not working. However, looking a the prompts and commands being used, I think I'm correct...

The first one:


Notice that the present working directory moves from ~ to openshift-s2i with no intervening cd command. I bring this up because students are directed to change to specific directories throughout the exercise (e.g.: cd ~/DO180-apps, as instructed to do, and seen, above).


The second:


This is the same type of issue, the prompt goes from DO180-apps to openshift-s2i and back to DO180-apps with no cd commands.


And yes, I know . . . students taking this course are supposed to have an RHCSA background and should be able to figure this out on their own.

My bringing this up is about being consistent and professional. If the exercise is telling when, and where, to change directories in one area, it should do it throughout - and the prompts should reflect this.

This is a guided exercise that is about walking students through the process. Showing incorrect prompts within the instructions is confusing -- even more so when there are times where being in the proper directory is important, for example, this:


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