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DO188 a suggestion for section 3.1

In section 3.1 of DO188, it talks about the /etc/containers/registries.conf file, which is all well and good.

However, it doesn't talk about the ~/.config/containers/registries.conf file. I believe it should. While creating content for the class I'm teaching this fall, I've included this language:

If the ~/.config/containers/registries.conf file exists, it overrides the settings in the /etc/containers/registries.conf file.

Since each user accesses registries separately from other users, it is common to copy /etc/containers/registries.conf into the ~/.config/containers/ directory and then modify that user's copy to reflect the registries they wish to use.


It also doesn't talk about what happens when Podman finds an image in multiple registries. This, too, should be discussed as it does not simply pull the first container image it finds (I think older versions of Podman do it that way).

Again, my language (and example which, by the way, works the same way in the RHALP lab environment):

Also, if a command such as python pull ubi8-python-39 is used, Podman will search all the registries in the working registries.conf file and present an interactive menu as to which one to use if the container image is found in more than one. Use the up and down arrow keys to choose a registry and Enter to select:


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Hi @Tracy_Baker !

Thanks for your time in reporting this to us! 

I am going to report this as well as an improvement feedback to the concerned team who will check and ponder over this. 

Thank you for your feedback !

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