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Error in RH124 (v9) chapter 12, section 5

Error in RH124 (v9) chapter 12, section 5 has an error concerning adding multiple connections that have the same name using the nmcli command. It says this:


This is untrue. the nmcli command does not fail when adding another connection with the same name, as seen here:


This has worked this way since RHEL 7. Earlier versions of RHEL 7 didn't notify you of the duplicate connection name, it just did it; later versions added the warning mesage.

In this example, both test1 connections will work, and can be managed, just fine - using their respective UUIDs. The system doesn't see the connections by their names, but by their UUIDs, which are different.

Incedentally, if you use nmcli con del test1, it will delete both connections.


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