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Errors in DO180 (4.6) chapter 1, section 7

Note that this affects v4.6 and NOT v4.10

A student pointed out this to me, and I agree.

This is very confusing:


In the example, all of the things the student is supposed to answer are surrounded by backticks and/or underscore characters. These superfluous should not be there.

The explanations for numbers 1 through 5 (the red circles) do nothing to dispel the student otherwise.

The way it is displayed in 4.10 is much better:

· Enter the API Endpoint:
· Enter the Username: youruser
· Enter the Password: yourpassword
· Enter the GitHub Account Name: yourgituser
· Enter the Account Name: yourquayuser

But, I guess 4.6 will go away before too much longer anyway...

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