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Errors in RH134 (v9) chapter 11, section 3

The reason why the following is important is this, from the course introduction, "This course is specifically designed for students who have completed the Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) course."

And, from the introduction from the RH124 class, "Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is designed for IT professionals without previous Linux system administration experience."

Frequently, in the course content and labs, Red Hat forgets their stated audience: IT professionals without previous Linux system administration experience.

This is just one example.

RH134 (v9) chapter 11, section 3 has this table which is problematic since it should be information for someone who has no Linux (prior to RH124), and by extension no Podman, experience:


The problem with this table is this: none of the items in the first column are commands, as the column header says.

They're all man pages (as in man podman-build).

To make them commands, get rid of the dashes. It is not podman-build, it is podman build. It is not podman-run, it is podman run, etc.

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I agree with you. It could cause a big confusion for the new students.

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