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Introduce yourself to Red Hat Academy!

Welcome to the Red Hat Academy group! As we build a discussion area dedicated to collaborative, open source learning with Red Hat Academy, let's get to know more about each other. Reply to this post with details about yourself, your background,  the skills you want to develop (or have developed ), career stories, favorite Red Hat courses, fun facts and anything else you may want to share with your fellow Red Hat Academy community members!

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Parrish and I'm the Global Project Manager for Red Hat Academy! I have been working with the RHA program for the past 5 years and really enjoy the relationships that I've built within my team at Red Hat and with various instructors and students across the globe. I would love to learn more about what Red Hat courses you are most interested in learning more about and/or teaching at your institutions and if there's anything we can do to further support you in those efforts. 

Fun fact: The first song I learned how to play on the guitar is Wagon Wheel! 

I look forward to our ongoing converations within the Learning Community & appreciate your support of the Red Hat Academy program!

Starfighter Starfighter

I'm Tracy Baker and I'm a Professor at Estrella Mountain Community College (EMCC) in Avondale, AZ.

My story, being a little different from many, has been told and retold. The short version is that I am the program lead for EMCC's Red Hat Academy. I am also a graduate from the same RHA. All told, I've been associated with EMCC's RHA for the past nine years (for RHEL 6, 7 and 8). As a student, my Linux mentor was the former program lead. He began / founded our Academy in 2005. When he retired, I was hired to take the role.

Prior to all of that, I worked in industry for 25+ years in just about every capacity; if it were in IT and a company needed someone to do it, I did it. Before that I served in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician.

I teach RH124, RH134, RH294, and DO180. I can't say which I like the best. Some days it's one and other days it's another. Each has their challenges, especially when teaching these technologies to people who have never been exposed to them.

I suspect most who know me will tell you that I'm very vocal, long-winded, and honest - probably to a fault. I suppose there are times when I should just stop talking. Maybe one day I'll learn when those are.

Fun fact: I digitize vinyl, styrene, and shellac records from (so far) the 1920s through the 2010s. Once digitized, I remaster them using the open-source Audacity program to remove unwanted noise. To date, I've worked on 9,000+ tracks. I like to put all my music (80,000+ tracks - most are from CD) on my 1Tb iPhone 13, so I have all my music wherever I go. Since my wife and I like to take long road trips, this works out very well.

Program Lead at Arizona's first Red Hat Academy, est. 2005
Estrella Mountain Community College

I would like to thank you for your video on Youtube about NFS. GREAT CONTENT! 

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Shirish V Pandey leads APAC - Red Hat Academy program. Shirish carries over two decades of experience in the IT & Knowledge services, products & solutions businesses in People, Customer and Business management. He has worked with organisation's such as NIIT, Tally Solutions, Sun Microsystems, Ingram Micro and TCS.

Shirish has undergone a Senior Management Program from IIM Indore. He holds Masters in Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. He is also a PMP, ITIL and SSGB professional. His interests are open source, education, technology, strategy, innovation, outsourcing, entrepreneurship, volunteering and traveling.
+91 99202 28866
Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

My name is Imre Kaposi and I'm a freelance IT consultant in the Netherlands. I primarily focus on Open Source security,logging & messaging solutions.

My ambition is to become RHCA. Since I'm also married and a father of 3 (7,4,and 1 year old), I don't really have set a deadline for myself, other than minimally 1 RED HAT exam per year.

So far I've done  EX447 (ansible best practices) and next on my list is EX362 (identity management).



Hi all, My name is Ravi Shankar Yadav and currently I’m a final year computer science student. I have completed RHCSA certification and hope so next year beginning I would be RHCE certified. Along with this, I am also RHA Student Ambassador for almost 2 years from Aditya RHA academy and I really love to help students and promote open source technologies in our RHA ecosystem.

Fun fact: The most embarrassing thing that happened to me during my schooling was during our morning prayer. I had to give one speech in front of a vast audience and all I could speak was Good morning and Thank you in the end and that was the first and last try I dare to give. 

But thanks to @ShirishVPandey and the RHA Student Ambassador Program, over continuous undertaken events, now I am pretty good at handling the crowd and hope so I can contribute more to this ecosystem : )

Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Dear Ravi,

As a SA, thanks for everything you do for the RHA program. All the best.

Regards, Shirish
+91 99202 28866
Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi Everyone, 

I would like to welcome you all to our Red Hat Academy group!!
This is Noha Kadry, Program Manager for Red Hat Academy handling Middle East, Turkey and Africa, I have been working for 2.5 Years in the program and really proud of what the program has achieved so far.
so excited to connect and hear from all of you!
Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Nice to meet you miss. seems it's fun as PM at Red Hat like Mr. @ShirishVPandey 

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