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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

"LEAP: Campus to Corporate Leap 2.0" Program

1. COSS INDIA Flagship academic training "CAMPUS TO CORPORATE LEAP" is designed to help students easily make transition to IT industry. The Interns after completing the Internship will be well equipped, well trained and confident to take on the challenges ahead. Our Internship programs are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Candidate's time is valuable, so our goal is to best prepare them while taking up the least amount of your time possible in Hands-on way.

2. COSS INDIA has initiated LEAP - Campus to Corporate Leap in the form of training & Internship model to implement the 21 day "Red Hat Linux & Python with Machine Learning". The organizations which have already registered with Red Hat Academy has Implemented this program to elevate their skills."

3. Eligible Participants: All Engineering (B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA), Science students and hobbyist of Latest Technologies can attend the Summer Training Program, as these technologies have become the backbone of all the industries. The submit an expression of interest (EOI) will decide the eligibility.
Redhat share a plaque or certificate called "Student Scholarship", COSS in partnership with Redhat will enroll individuals who apply for a scholarship with an eligibility.
They should be evaluated on specific criteria including the quality contribution made to red hat open source projects for a specific period (example 30 or 60 days or a duration)Students.
Become a community member and the outcome caliber of the application developed during this period will make him/ her earn "Students Scholarship".

Deepak Mishra
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Hey!! now i am here to tell you about my #Day3 sessions Todays_Session Details RedHat Linux

+ Python 3_Training
Under the guides, @Ankush  and @Biswajeet02  sir at Prodevans Technologies in the association with red hat academy.

@Ankush sir he has explained how to install Cent Os 8.0 version ISO file by using the virtual box it made me easy by delivering the instructions on how to install this was the link if you guys wanted to install the Linux Os.

And the python session was very interactive held by the quiz.

Last but not least @dipankar sir gave a very good explanation about how to choose a project and how to understand the requirements of a customer and how to match the expectations of  the customer .

Screenshot (53).pngScreenshot (54).png

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Day3 of Summer Internship program-LEAP 2.0 is enlightening. It was a great session by Ankush sir about the installation process of Cent Os 8.0 version ISO file by using virtual box. The training session by Biswajeet sir on python was awesome.

Thanking Deepak sir for the valuable information on a project about SCQ method.

Thanks and Regards

B V Jhansi Saketa

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Day3 experience in the summer internship program LEAP 2.0 provided by Prodevans Technologies in association with COSS INDIA. I would like to thank @dipankar sir for such a great initiative.

Today's session was about learning about the Architecture of Linux, Linux virtualization, and steps to install a Linux distribution(CentOS 8) inside the virtual box by @Ankush and learning the working of loops and conditional statements and few other basic statements like pass, break, continue by @Biswajeet02. This was an excellent learning experience for me, Thanks to the mentors for that. The quiz on Kahoot and the practical learning approach from our instructors is what really made today's session very exciting.

Finally, Thank you @Anwesha for being there till the end and making sure support was always available.

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

hi guys sorry for the late post as if my day 4 virtual summer internship provided by @COSSINDIA  was a much intresting as my linux class went well @Ankush sir has delevired some of the basic commands that we use in linux and installation of the Cent OS has been completed and @dipankar  sir has delevired us a wonderful information about the open source project management some the tools i have provided in the link , and many more open source project management tools aare there thank you @dipankar sir for sharing this information with us ......... and Python class @Biswajeet02  sir he has delevired us about the methods of lists,sets,strings,tuples,dictionaries and frozen set......many examples he have taken and expalined...........

thank you @dipankar sir for providing us a good platform .....

Happy learning guys1.jpegthis one type of sprint boardthis one type of sprint boardhistory command in linuxhistory command in linuxbasic commands in linuxbasic commands in linuxScreenshot (10).png

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Day3 experience has been fantastic!! 

Linux and Python are some of the greatest tools to learn to make yourself future-ready, and when it is taught experts like @Ankush  Sir and @Biswajeet02 Sir it cant be better.

Yesterday's session was an eye-opener to the basics of Linux commands which was taken very smoothly by sir. Also, the Python classes were very interactive learned about the basics of data structures which is one of the core fundamentals to excel python programming language which was taken very smoothly by sir.

I would like to thank @dipankar sir for introducing us to this platform and also @Anwesha for providing constant support throughout the sessions.

Sourav Karjee

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi guys sorry for not posting my learning okay in the past three days i have learnt many things and now coming to linux session @Ankush sir has explained us how to change the colours of the label and styles of font and more about file permissions and types of file permissions and changing the permissions of the particular user and how to change the and more about the installation of the repository........thank you @Ankush sir for the steps provided made me easy to install the repository.........and coming to the python session @Biswajeet02  sir has expalined the about the modes of files and the strings concept and decision making and the arrays concept......and at last the presentation of our ideas was done well thank you @dipankar sir for presenting our ideas and shwing us a better platform..............

happy learning.......Screenshot (20).pngScreenshot (21).pngScreenshot (22).pngScreenshot (23).pngScreenshot (24).pngScreenshot (25).png 

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