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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

New kid on the block - looking for tips on RHCSA

Hi everyone, 

I am pretty new to Red Hat and I have just finished my RH124 course, I was wondering if there was any way to get a copy of the scripts that the labs run to set up on my own vm and keep practicing the exercises and labs. 

I am guessing this isnt possible but thought I would ask. 

Any hints and tips are welcome!!! 


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I think for RH124 most of the Lecturer/Curricullum can be done without script to be honest, just try step by step the lab guide and install a fresh clear RH Developer Edition/CentOS 8(Stream or normal is fine), then you can try to create user, apply permission, set up SSH, or even do anything else.


The very simple way is having linux Host and Linux Guest VM, then you can go, as the ssh could be don from Host to Guest or otherwise. Other than it, I think you only need the RH124 Book/HTML book to learn more. When outside the labs, I never set up VM / re create it, because one machine with Linux OS(Either RH, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, etc), have the same capabilities for doing RH124 lab guide.

Some folk in this forum create a VM Bundle from RH labs, but I won't recomend it, because it's hard to debug when there's a problem that come on the VM and no official documentation that will help to debug it.


Anyway to reach RHCSA, I recomend you to take RH134, as many exam hands on is on RH134, RH124 is only the introduction. Other than that I think you can prepare by checking list the ability that you need to accomplished when RHCSA Exam on this link. Are you ready or remember all the stuff on that page?

Tips for RHCSA, when you don't remember the command

[user@foo ~]$ mandb
[user@foo ~]$ man

will help you a lot on exam, that's all tips I can give to you. Other that it, practice more, use Linux Desktop as daily driver, ditch windows (oops, personal preferance), and prepare more for RHCSA

Good Luck!

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

This is brilliant thank you! I have signed up to do RH134 in the upcoming months, so I am looking forward to that. 

I don't have much experience in VM set up but there is only one way to learn :) 

I have reached out to my org as well to see that is available through them and I will have look into the options you have given also. 

Thanks again for your help




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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I'm working toward my RHCSA as well.  I'm trying to chronicle some of the stuff I'm doing along the way on YouTube (, maybe what I've done will give you a little clarity about a path for your study.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

That's brilliant! I will definitely be having a look through this!!
Thank you Eddie!
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