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RHEL 8, RH 124, Chapter 12, Section 5 redux

There are outright errors in RHEL 8, RH124, Chaper 12, Section 5. In a previous post (seen here), I outlined some.

I should have kept going. The text is completely wrong in a couple of cases. Here is what it says:

1. 125a.JPG

2. 125b.JPG


You'll notices that the first talks about saving the configuration to the
/etc/sysconfig/network-scrips/ifcfg-eno2 file.

The second says it will save its configuration "into the same file."

The third says the same thing -- even specifying the same file name.

This is not what happens. First, as I pointed out in the previous post about this, each connection is actually separate from the others. Only their names are the same. Their UUIDs are different -- and the OS informs the user of this when the second and third connections are made.

The proof is this screenshot, which first shows that the filename in question does not exist, then shows the three connections being made (with the Warning messages), then shows that the result is three separate filenames:


As I mentioned in the previous post, the same issue appeared in the RHEL 7 content. I reported the issue then. The RHEL 7 material has since been corrected.

Why was this problem repeated in the RHEL 8 content?

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