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RHEL 8, RH134, Chapter 6, Section 1, inconsistency

In RHEL 8, RH134, Chapter 6, Section 1, there's this:


later there's this:


The first one says, in essence, that it is OK to simply reboot after editing /etc/fstab

The second one is pretty clear about checking the file before rebooting.

One should always verify /etc/fstab -- unless you like the idea of going into and trying to fix the problem there -- or rebooting again to fix it.

Once again the target audience seems to have been lost -- this content will likely be consumed by people who have never done this before.

I do like the findmnt --verify command; I hadn't seen it before.

And a simple command, which can be used to check /etc/fstab wasn't mentioned: mount -a

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