Red Hat Academy Programs in Australia


I have been a previous Red Hat Academy student through enrolment at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.  I do not think Victoria University is a Red Hat Academy anymore.

I am trying to find out which other universities in Melbourne or other places in Australia that offer this program?

I look forward to hearing from  anyone who can steer me in the right direction.


Thanks in advance.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hello Aloysiusj, Greetings and thanks for reaching out.

RHA program is only offered to those RHA / institution students who are active / still pursuing their studies in that RHA / institution and carry a valid id card of that RHA / institution.

For your info - we also have a few more RHAs in Melbourne i.e. Federation University, Chisholm Institute of TAFE and Tower Australian College.

Pls drop me an email if you want to know more. Thanks and have a nice day.

Regards, Shirish
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