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what Red hat Academy open tools a console workstation for free ?

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Hello @Haidar_2625 !
Not sure I understood your query correctly - is your academy / institution already registered with RHA ?

Are you  asking how to access the lab console to perform the lab exercises - if yes , please refer the below steps :

1. log in to the RHA portal with your credentials.

2. Go to the particular course UI - click on the "lab environment" tab 

3. Click on "Create" to create the lab VMs and wait for all of them to be active.

4. You can then click on the "console" of workstation VM and then continue with the lab exercises.

5. Likewise - if you need to open the console of other VMs like servera or serverb - you can click the console button for respective servers from there.

Let me know if you are asking something else apart from this - you can also raise a support case to RHA support if you are facing any issues with anything related to RHA.

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