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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

What path did you take to / are taking heading to your RHCA?

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Share with us what path did you take to earning your RHCA title or what path are you taking heading to this?

What tips can you share for those who are willing to achieve that?

Alexon Oliveira
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Starfighter Starfighter

The URL that you posted gives me the following:

"You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource"

Is it not public?

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You should be able to see it ... as you're an RHCP. But you've alerted me to something interesting. Doing some testing.

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I've done pretty much all of the Red Hat exams except for the JBOSS ones, and my path isn't recommended:


[1] EX442

[2] EX318

[3] EX401 (Old Satellite 5 exam)

[4] EX436

[5] EX333 (Old Security exam)


This was 'back in the day' when you had to pass EX333 and EX442 to become an RHCA. Today the path is much easier and you can choose any 5 exams once you have your RHCE.


If you're satisfied with the solutions provided please mark the solution as ACCEPTED.

Don't forget to thank those who helped you out with kudos!

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

So far 3 exams:


And I've scheduled my next exam, which will be EX280.

As for final Architect exam, I've not yet decided, but it'll be either EX288 if I'll have enough free time or EX236.



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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I chose my path based on the fact that I am a professional with a focus on Infrastructure and also what technologies I support in my customers, in addition to the technologies that I already have familiarity with. So based upon that, this was my path:

EX318 - This one came very obviously for me since it was one of the easiest in my understanding and knowledge to do. I already know every aspect of the product, so it wouldn't require study.

EX403 - This also seemed to be very obvious for me to do, since I also already had all the necessary practical knowledge to do without having to study.

EX180 - This was the last one I did without having to study, since I also already have practical knowledge and it would be a prerequisite for me before taking the next one.

EX280 - This was the first one that I needed to study a little more about some concepts and I was satisfied with the result I got on the exam.

EX125 - The last exam before I became an RHCA was the one that I was most anxious and afraid of at the same time, since I consider it the most difficult of all the previous ones, but surprisingly I got the maximum score in this exam! So I got my RHCA with praise.

I had already scheduled two other exams that I considered easier as a spare in case I couldn't pass some of the previous ones and the rescheduling doesn't have available slots in an acceptable period. They were as follows:

EX210 - Although I consider the content of the exam easy, I was a little afraid of having rushed and not taking due care on every question, but once again I managed to do well and almost scored a 100% score on this too. So I managed to achieve my RHCA II.

EX447 - This is the last one I have taken (and it was relatively easy) and completed my arsenal of certifications that cover all the fields that I would like in relation to the products that I work with my customers. I reached my RHCA III, which I intend to keep for as long as I can.

Alexon Oliveira
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