Webinar: Busting the top 5 myths about Red Hat Certification

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We are at a turning point for how organizations run IT, and the talent and skills needed for success. Every organization knows it must become a digital leader to survive and thrive, and that digital transformation is no longer an option but a requirement. Previous IDC research found that training consistently helped IT professionals and increased both individual capability and the ultimate business value of the supported technology. This research extends that exploration into the business value of Red Hat® certification and the impact Red Hat certified IT professionals can have on IT operations and infrastructure costs.
Nevertheless, there are still several misconceptions regarding the value of certification. In this webinar, join Randy Russell, Director of Certification, and myself, John Walter, Training Solutions Architect–as we break down the most common myths about certification, and showcase the benefits of certifying your staff.
This webinar will cover:
-Why certified staff are more satisfied and valued
-The findings of the recent IDC study, The Business Value of Red Hat Certification
-Ways to certify on Red Hat technology
-An overview of Red Hat Training and Certification options.
View the webinar on demand and please feel free to ask any questions here!