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Hi all

has anyone has had an exam when they thought they did 100% and did not pass ? 

I've failed 425 exam first time, I've rescheduled this today (after centers beeing closed for more 2 months) and now I have retaken the exam.

Now I have done 425 exam, did everything as requested and I got no pass. Ok, I understand I may have missed something but I only got about ~55 of the total score. I had time and double checked everything, everything worked as requested by exam subjects. How it is possible to have 45% difference and not notice?

Does anyone know the procedure to get someone to look over the exam, not just to run the script?

I would like an actual person to check the solutions tell me that I've missed something and not a script because, at this point, I dont trust the script anymore. It is not possible to have such difference when everything works when you're leaving the room. 

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Yo Bogdan bro. how are you bro. I am Jason from trainocate. Ok nxt couple of paragraph is not pointing to you, but rather to the MR Questionaire and the team that came out with the questions.

U see I took 3 times on EX280 (openshift) and passed only the fourth times. on the second and third I am very very sure I had answer correctly, just you and many others I file request for review - as usual redhat team wil come back and say they investigated and says nothing is wrong with their lab and scoring system.

On the many many nights before the 4th attempt, then I realize the main REAL reason why I failed, and why most of us (even the best with years of experience, be it RH engineer or trainer who spent days and night practice over and over again using rol, using local CRC using minicube or whatever kubernetes related) - still will failed if they DO NOT SOLVE some RIDDLE in the QUESTION first before answering the QUESTION.

Well they are right about their lab have no issues, their scoring have no issues, the MAIN issue is the person who create the QUESTION dont see the issue. Yes the question is plain but with deep deep in disguise. I am telling you straight to the point. I really hope the person who create the QUESTION read this comments. 

Mr Questionaire I really wish you will eat your own medicine when you have to take another very very important EXAM like other VENDOR exam. First thing, RH exam is to "TEST the actual tehnicality or practicality of the product say - OpenShift or RHCSA or RHCE.

Do not mixed with your feelings that everyone will have good command of english and good "GRAMMAR", so good with double meaning in your sentencing, so good with RIDDLE. We are not supposed to solve riddle or puzzle like the way you put it! BE straightforward - CMD is CMD , ARGUMENT is ARGUMENT, PARAMETER is PARAMETER. IF you want to deploy say deploy, if not pls pls pls say NO NEED to deploy. I really wish you take my set of questions and see it yourself, like I said eat ur own medicine. 

Nevertheless RedHat has many good products, if can :- pls make the testing a good experience too. Just my 2 cents.

From an MCT, RHCE, RHCSA, RHCI, Google Cloud Authorized Trainer, Netapp Authorized Instructor, Cisco Certified System Instructor + CCNP + CCNA, IBM System Authorized Trainer, Comptia Official Trainer, VMware Certified Instructor + VCP, Oracle Certified Trainer (Solaris , Oracle Linux), AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

I just took the DO280 exam and I had 0% in one of the items, which is impossible because I tried and tested the tasks and applications are producing outputs.Score 206 points.

I also raised a ticket,

I answered them detailing what the task asked for, what I did and the result. So I am waiting for the answer. 

Hopefully someone from RedHat will resolve my issue.

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Did the Redhat Learning Subscription cover all the necessary topics? Did you use anything else to study?

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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

The redhat leaning subscription has covered and I have not reffered to any other documents

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Could anyone from Red Hat help on this? I would appreciate that.

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As a reminder, specific exam questions cannot be discussed and there is no feedback other than general feedback on categories on what you have answered correctly/incorrectly.

For specific feedback on exam questions or your exam experience the only way to provide feedback or get questions answered is through the official certification comment form,

Additionally, discussions regarding questions and answers seen on the exam could result in certifications being revoked as this goes against the agreement that was signed when taking the exam.

In general terms of scoring, some helpful suggestions on getting things to grade well ...

* Copy and paste names and items from the exam for the command window or WebGUI. While things might work correctly, if you create resources different from what is requested either by spelling, typos, or different case of the letters, the answer is considered incorrect.

* Ensure you are performing tasks on the correct system. Often it is easy to get confused and possibly make a configuration change on the wrong system. I typically use several command shell windows and create a different profile so they look different.

* Ensure when possible things and changes are persistent and survive reboots for the systems. 

* Ensure any saved items and created files are in the correct directory and location and they are named exactly how they are written in the exam question.

For specific feedback on questions when taking the exam (wording or something else with the question that is unclear), provide feedback on the question as part of the exam with the submit feedback button.

Hope the above information helps as you are working to complete and pass some of the exams and remember, for exact exam questions, always use the Certification Comment Form.

Travis Michette, RHCA XIII
Red Hat Certification + Training
Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Same! Right now I don't know what to do. This is my first time using RHLS and it only touches the surface of what the exam asked me. I wish they can tell a bit more about the failure and not gatekeep. The entire point of this is to improve.


I'm sorry to hear about your exam experience. It's frustrating when you receive unexpected results despite your efforts. It's good that you've raised a ticket and provided detailed information about the task and your actions. Waiting for a response and requesting a human review of the environment are reasonable steps to take in this situation. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved to ensure a fair assessment of your exam performance. Contact RHCSA Training Institute

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer
Its a healthy process but f they share the mistakes/ errors what we did
during the exam.
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I first took my RHCE in 2002 and have taken several others over the years.  They have changed a lot. Back then, they were still primarliy practical, but did have some multiple choice questions.  The fact that their exams are practical is one of the main reasons they are highly regarded in the industry.  The RHEL9 exams add in the virtualization and container stuff along with a few other things.  A couple of things I'd like to mention, that I didn't see in all of the comments or I missed them. 

First, these exams are not for someone with no real world hands-on experience.  Unlike the "multi-guess" exams out there, you can't read and memorize a book and pass.  I'm not saying this is the case, just pointing it out.

Second, all of the changes made during the exam MUST be persistent.  This is one point that should be obvious, but I've met many that have failed due to making the changes persistent. 

Good luck all working through these exams.  Repetition and experience are the best way to prepare.

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