Internet connection not detecting in compatibility test

I got exam tomorrow i did a compatability test today. I have 1Gbps wired internet connection, however while doing test it saying error "Network connection must be atleast 4g effective or a bandwidth of 1Mbits


I have tried multiple different network, different laptop still same issue

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Starting today I have exactly the same problem. I did the compatibility test multiple times over the past days, at various times. Everything was fine until today.

1000 MBit DOWN / 50 MBit UP working fine, ping approx. 20 ms

What is up with this compatibility test?

Edit: I just received a reply from chat support:

Please make sure your internet connection is stable and at least 2/2 Mbps and unrestricted. Be wired rather than on WiFi if possible. In case you are confident about your network speed and quality and you had successfully passed other parts of the compatibility test, you may ignore the error and proceed to the exam.

Second Edit: I completed a Remote Exam today without any connectivity issues even though the warning was still present in the compatibility test.

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