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Introduce Yourself to the Red Hat Learning Subscription Group

Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community group for Red Hat Learning Subscription users! As we build a community dedicated to collaborative, open source learning, let's get to know more about each other. Reply to this post with details about yourself, your background, the skills you want to develop (or have developed), career stories, favorite courses, fun facts and anything else you want to share with your fellow group members.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi All,

I am Igor Petukhov - BJSS Consultant and RHCA in Enterprise Applications, who is passionate about technologies and their practical use. I am DevOps and Agile practitioner with over 20 years of experience in designing and developing solutions in telecom and financial sectors.

In the recent years I have been working closely with RedHat (both teams and technologies) on project deliveries at a client I am working with for over a decade.

Shortly after the COVID pandemic began, I decided to join RHLS and use the time (that otherwise would be spent on commute) to study with a goal to become certified as RHCA. It took me 20 months to achieve and it was time and money well spent. Even though the study and the certification were my personal goals for which I used my own time, the knowledge I gained helped me at work greatly.

In regards to the courses I did, they all are well organized and useful in their own sense. Hence, it would be difficult to pick one as a favourite with probably DO180, DO280, DO288, DO378 and AD482 being closer to my daily needs.

All The Best!

Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

My name is Lauriano, I'm Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro, the skills I want are: observability, monitoring, cloud, automation and systems development.

I'm quite new in the area of systems administration, I've been working with IT professionally for a little over 2 years.

I don't have any favorite redhat courses yet, as I'm just starting.

I like to read technical books, preferably focused on DevOps and SRE, I'm also an arduino and robotics enthusiast and I'm studying python too and lastly I like to do some pentests sometimes lol


working on this cert and ansible


My name is John, I currently work as a Linux sys admin for a multinational mining company.  I started out in IT around 25 years ago, initially as a Novell sys admin, but transitioned to (Red Hat) Linux nearly 20 years ago when the writing was on the wall (with respect to Novell's longterm future.

I have also worked as a sys admin in the university, State government, finance, software development and advertising/marketing sectors.

Getting at least one certification whilst in the RHLS would be nice but my primary motivation/focus is more just to learn as much as I can that is relevent to my work.

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Hello, my name is Oliver Wilms. I just logged in trying to use the learning subscription. I want to learn to use Ansible. How do I access the labs?

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Hello 2 everyOne

To learn Redhat Linux Enterprise and go for certifications. 


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