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Issues during RHCSA testing: advice needed

I was scheduled for the RHCSA exam my exam was to start 8:45AM CST and the system released my to start checking in with proctor at 8:35AM CST. All check in and verification was completed by 9:04 AM CST but to my shock the proctor said that my exam was not ready yet that it was still loading.So,I thought ok,it will be soonest.5 minutes went by and the proctor said it will be another 15 minutes before it was ready.15 mins came then,I was told it would be ready in about 30 mins. All of this time I was in distress and panicking each time that they tell me that it was not ready.All I could think off was all the time ,resources and effort that I put into preparation. So at about 40 minutes and check after after my scheduled exam was supposed to start per the contrualtual terms between me and REDHAT Inc., the exam was finally released by the proctor.The delay was blamed on a technical issue on Redhat's side. By this time was in a bad state of mind due to the delay, but I poweered through the test.

The result came and as usual, it was a NO PASS on my 4th attempt and 5th RHCSA voucher purchase.Yes,you read it right.I didnt use get to use my 4th voucher because REDHAT said I was late to that test(I was) and it was voided. Now I stronglly know within me that this "NO PASS" was due to the 40 minutes of tortue that I went through before starting the test.No doubt about that.

My question now is has anyone been in a similar situation and what was the outcome.I have called Redhat severally and as usual no response.I also sent an email to which I am still waiting.I have a feeling that I am being ignored and at this point,I am considering getting legal counsel for a possible breach of contract by Redhat.The exam did not hold at the agreed time due to a fault of theirs thereby thereby imparing me and creating a hostile test enviroment. The last time I was late ,my ticket was voided and declared a no pass.

Please advise


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you say you did not get an answer to your email. 
The best way of contacting support is by using this form. It also creates a trackable ticket.



Petr Cihlar
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