Question: What do you think of the price of RH courses/training?

I enjoy and value RH in general, and believe they walk on water.

But I just saw a course for $4,000. I think that is really really expensive.

I also want to note, that Veterans education benefits can't be used either.

I mean are the courses that good?

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

To be honest I guess it depends on where you saw the class and who is teaching it. I have been to Red Hat training that was taught in person by some of the original training content creators, and those classes were awesome. Then fast forward to a couple of years back and a company was hired to give training for my organization and the instructor did not honestly know the materials, and to me it was a waste of time. 

That to me is why if you're able I would invest in the RHLS at at least the Standard Level (The one that includes the Certification attempts and retakes). They are recorded classes put out by Red Hat instructors and they have been working hard at keeping the curriculum updated to included recently used versions of things. 

The VA used to do certification reimbursements up to $2000 per exam, so you can at least get reimbursed for the exams if they are purchased separately.

Best of luck to you!

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