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Remote Exam mic issue

Hello Guys,

I have scheduled my RHCSA 200 exam, I could not write my exam due to problem with MIC which was showing mute on my laptop and Support contacted me on phone but they were not able to fix issue. 

My MIC works fine with windows and it looks like Bug on Remote live ISO .

My laptop is HP EliteBook, Core i5 , 8 GB RAM


Is anyone face same issue and solved?

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Flight Engineer


yes, just pump the mic volume all the way up. The standard setup I use with D2D tasks doesnt work with the live iso. It's probably something in the audio mixer but if you just set the microphone volume to the maximum you should be fine.

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yes i face same issue and i can't start my exam , in gaves me in sound device "dummy device"
any help?
hp probook  core i5  16G ram

Mohamed Abdallah Abdelwahab
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just took the compatibilty test on my macbook pro 2017. im unable to hear the output of the sound when doing the section that tells you to tick the box if your able to hear back your voice. ANY HELP will be great . Not sure how to go on about resolving this problem. thanks 

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Flight Engineer

I'm facing the same issue on my HP EliteBook 840 G7. It seems that the ISO of the exam doesn't contain drivers for the microphone. Luckily, my external camera has a microphone and I passed the compatibility test.

The microphone of my external camera gives mumbled kind of voice, does anyone know would that be ok in the exam?

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Hi Team,

I am using Dell Inspirion 7506 with Windows 11 on it both mic and sound device works all the way good but if I boot the machine with Redhat Live Exam both my sound and Mic device doesn't work for me, it gives me in sound device "dummy device" any help would be appreciated? so I have recently bought a new webcam with MIC so it starts to work with the webcam inbuilt MIC but my sound device still didn't work for me. any help will be really appreciated.


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I am facinng the same issue.

While checking compatability, it shows "dummy output" in device in sound. I cant hear any sound at the time of testing but if I run windows OS(actual laptop OS) sound works perfectly.

Need solution at earliset as I need to enroll for exam.



I have the same issue. Dell Inspiron. What did red hat support say? I need to use a different/compatible computer. HOW?? I do not have a spare non-dell laptop in my drawer... Dell is one of the most recognized brand, it should be supported. 

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