Stratis vs LVM - Pros and Cons

Hi people!
I'm at chapter 6 "Manage Storage Stack" of "Red Hat System Administration II" (RH134) and didn't get the point about using "Stratis Storage Management".
Tacking on account only the brief introduction on that lesson, to me, it seem too much with LVM.
Someone could point me some documentation or paper with a comparison or something like a pros vs. cons on using the Stratis versus LVM?


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Stratis provides it's own cli and API which make the storage management simple for users. Stratis is capable of building the storage stack (partition, encryption, filesystem etc) without user intervention and can give the filesystem that can be mounted right away. The cli provides very useful information (like size and uuid).

In case of LVM administrators should build the storage stack (partition, filesystem, encryption etc). Below link can help us to understand how Stratis cli can perform the encryption with fewer commands compared to LVM


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