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Welcome to the TL112 discussion group!

TL112 is not like a traditional course with guided exercises and labs. TL112 is more about learning concepts that are not entirely technical, and we expect instructor-led classes to discuss about the topics in TL112. We believe such discussions help students learn the concepts in TL112.

For the self-paced student, we have decided to experiment with asking the student to come to the Learning Community to discuss the same topics, to provide an interactive part besides the exercises in the book.

As this is an experiment, we have decided to open this discussion to other members of the Learning Community, so the discussion is richer.

So if you are a self-paced student following the exercises, welcome and we hope this will be a good experience. Please let us know if you think this experiment works or not. If you are not a student, then feel free to participate in the discussions too.

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