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I just failed the EX288v410 exam and I got my results back and it says that I scored 0 on two of the items. I absolutely know I did exactly what the question for that failed section asked for but it still marked it as zero. It's really frustrating to not know what I did wrong. Going through the DO288 labs for those sections, I always score a perfect through the grading utility but on the exam there's no way to know what I did wrong.

How do I prepare for the next attempt if I don't know what I did wrong?

Frustrated with Red Hat  

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Hello @WhiskeyRaider !

Thanks for reaching out ! 

Totally understand the pain when you invest so much time and money to clear an exam and unfortunately you could not. 

This community has so many tips and important feedbacks about what could possibly be wrong during solving questions in a Red Hat exam - do check out them. Many learners have passed the exam, including many in their first attempts. What I want to assure is that - there can be many reasons to not score enough points even though you think you completed the task -  eg spelling mistakes of important configurtaion points/objects or the configuration not persisting  a reboot etc. Obviously to preserve the sancitity of exam and its corresponding certifications : discussions on questions and your exam task configurations is out of bound.



For specific feedback on exam questions or your exam experience the only way to provide feedback or get questions answered is through the official certification comment form,

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