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Welcome to the Red Hat Learning Community! As we build a diverse community dedicated to collaborative, open source learning, let's get to know more about each other. Reply to this post with details about yourself, your background,  the skills you want to develop (or have developed ), career stories, favorite Red Hat courses, fun facts and anything else you may want to share with your fellow RHLC community members! 

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

I am leaving behind a flaming career as Solaris and Sparc hardware take their place next to Digital Equipment and SGI. I held on as long as could but did not see any further career path and did not want to sell what was left of my soul to Oracle. 

I started down the Linux path two years ago but suffered a head injury that sidelined my training for quite some time. Now, I am starting over from RH124 and making sure what gaps in memory I do have get filled in. My goal is to eventually reach RHCA by around 2020-2021.

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Hi All!

Name: Sedrick White

Location: Durham, NC (US)

Title/Roles:  Virtualization/System/Networking Engineer & Linux/Security Instructor

Skills/Specialities: Windows, LInux, VMmware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, Networking

Areas of Studies:  Containers, Kubernetes, Redhat Certification (RHCSA/RHCSE)

I looking forward to collaborating within the community!

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My name is Mikhail. And i am system engineer, focused on Linux Systems, Virtualization and Storage. 

Glad to see you all!

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Who I am:

Robert Du Preez, I have been in IT administration for the past 10 years, the last 5 years being specifically Linux focused.

I got into Linux as I had to start supporting it, completed my RHCSA about 3 years ago and from that point I knew this is what I wanted to do with my career, I got a new position about 1 year ago where my focus is mainly RHEL, I am resposible for about 150+ RHEL servers, Satellite and IPA. Our Linux estate is growing at an alarming rate which is great news :)

Completed my RHCE about 2 months ago and I plan on starting my first RHCS exam next year, on my way to RHCA.

Where I'm based:

Cape Town, South Africa

My workstation:

Dell Latitude E5570 (Oh how I wish it was a macbook)

The discipline I enjoy the most is:

System Administration, Devops

My favorite toy as a kid:

Any gaming console or computer.

In My Spare Time, I . . .

Gaming on my PS4 and reading, currently eagerly waiting the release of RDR2.

Favorite book series will definately be The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patric Rothfuss.



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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Hi, this is Sachin Jain from India. I started my journey with centOS and RedHat approx 3 years ago. Totally enjoy learning new things. Ansible is one of my favorite tools. 

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer



i am Martin (34) from Leipzig, Germany. I started with Computers at the age of 7 (286) and had so a good start with command line from MS-DOS, my first Linux i tried was a Slackware i guess and wiped with it the whole HDD in my parents PC and got one month computer ban :-)

I played along with many Distributions like Suse, Debian,CentOS, Ubuntu. I work as Master Engineer for Dell Software Support and do mainly VMWare and Linux (RHEL,SLES) Support for Enterprise Customers. Before that i worked in a Datacenter as Application Manager dealing with all pieces belonging to Datacenter-Business, Network, Computing and Storage.

I own a RHLS Subscription i am actively using to get RHCA. Currently i am RHCSA/RHCE on RHEL 6 and 7, RHCSA OpenStack and RHCS HA. I currently check which further Exams i will choose for going the RHCA Path and happy to join the Community along with other Individuals with same or similar development Plans.

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Starfighter Starfighter

Hi all!

My name is Tomas. I'm a Systems Engineer based in the UK.

Really excited to see this platform finally launched!

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Who am I? I am just an IT professional.

What am I doing? I work in openshift, ansible, redhat linux, middleware products.

Certifications? I have RHCE, openshift, ansible certifications.

Interested in any products related to the one I am working.

Ambition - To become RHCA


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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Greetings all! My name is Pete, and I've been an IT Consultant for 35 years. I have various certifications (RHCE, MCSE, VCP6-DCV, and a few others), but I specialize in Linux. I like to tinker with electronics, I collect books, and I play D&D with a local group. 

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I'm excited to be part of this community!

I am looking to uplevel my Linux skills and Red Hat is the place :)

I am based in Toronto, Canada - if you are in the area, give me a shout.

Fun Facts - Fav Movie -> Tron | First computer -> Commodore 64

Super interested in starting a Red Hat User Group in Toronto if one does not already exist.


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