Red Hat System Administration I Self-paced Training (RH124SP) course

Hi! I would like to begin the Red Hat System Administration I Self-paced Training (RH124SP) course. I noticed that it is not recommended for BYOD use. Does anyone know why? I would like to use my Macbook for the course, but im woried about running into issues. 


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Thank you for reaching out @ibcs2024 !

From my understanding, the majority of Red Hat training courses do not have the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model option, with some exceptions like DO400 courses.

Our training environment is equipped with a cloud workstation, including various utility servers as part of the lab infrastructure - which is tailored to enhance the learning experience by providing automated scripts that allow learners to concentrate on their educational objectives without the need for extensive manual configurations or adjustments. This setup is specifically designed to facilitate the repetition of lab exercises from any chapter or section, enabling learners to practice and strengthen their skills in areas where they might need improvement, any number of times.

In addition to the practical lab environment, we offer online PDF resources and video materials that serve as supplementary guidance. These resources support a step-by-step learning process, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace while having a reference at their disposal.

Given that our courses cover technologies like RHEL, OpenStack, OpenShift, and Satellite, which can vary greatly based on learners' existing infrastructure, providing comprehensive and uniform BYOD manuals is not feasible. The use of learners' personal infrastructure could lead to multiple challenges and issues that are specific to each individual's setup, requiring extensive troubleshooting and customization. Therefore, a pre-configured cloud lab is the most suitable solution, ensuring a consistent learning experience for a diverse group of learners, regardless of their geographical location.

Once you have mastered the core concepts, you are free to conduct further research and development in your personal labs, using tools of your choice independent of the Red Hat learning materials. However, for a structured learning platform with specific objectives and an examination process to validate your training skills, our dedicated lab environment is the recommended choice.

Please note that the lab environment cannot be downloaded and installed into your home infrastructure due to licensing and subscription constraints.

If you have any more questions or need additional information, please feel free to reach out.

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