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Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Can you solve questions or issues without manual pages or docs?


I heavily rely on man and info ( pinfo ) pages for learning, software installed docs to learn new things, solve questions and resolve issues in my day to day interactions with gnu/linux .

Another habit of mine is that, I get the current state, make changes, validate the change statically and runtime, then make the change permanent.


Compared to Red Hat training docs focused on RHCE back in 2006-2010, I do not see the above strategy in the guided exercise / labs for the  training docs for rhel based docs and the other Red Hat product's training docs.


Thus, I am finding difficult to grasp the basics during the learning phase, in turn finding difficult to apply the above strategy during the exam.


How are you coping, especially for preparation for the exam and especially during the examination ?




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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Agree with you on this. I did my first RHCE in 2002. Besides the training then most of learning was hands on as Red Hat was free and no RHEL & Lab constraints as today. I could build my own lab for server OS. Todays trainings are somehow dependent on rote learning because of gaps in the curriculum is my opinion. For example I tried EX180 exam after course. I had a tough time learning because I had no clue of many terms used and eventually never cleared the exam and my subscription expired. When I started learning Kubernetes and did my CKA and CKS certifications then lot of the training material started making sense to me as I had learned the gap items and I cleared EX180 in one attempt. Even the training material seemed easier as I knew kubernetes and many of the terms like nodePort, clusterPort, service, ingress, docker etc  which earlier seemed like random words with no background after doing RHCSA. and the DO180 training material in RHLS,

Certification ID: 111-010-393
Mission Specialist
Mission Specialist

Thank you Ravi Shankar for replying.

To sum up your reply in context of my question,

Learning kubernetes and preparing for the  CKA and CKS certifications prepared you better in solving questions or issues.

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