Creating an Openshift Cluster

My goal is to install Openshift in a Rhel environment.

My first try was with a Rhel8 VM on Windows but apparently, VM doesn't support virtualization (wich CRC needs).

Second try was with Rhel 7.3 on Azure Cloud, when installing CRC using the yum install .... command, I get the errors cannot load RPM file and cannot open the same file (crc for openshift tar.gz file).


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Hi @NadaStitou,

Openshift4 can only be installed on RHCOS machines  (physical or virtual). Only RHEL7 compute nodes can be used in special situations on OpenShift4 clusters,  but as a general statement you must use RHCOS machines for installing Openshift4. (For control plane nodes only RHCOS machines are supported).

For installing OpenShift4  a bastion host (where the installation is executed) is used. This bastion host can we an RHEL7/8 machine where the openshift-install and oc utilities are installed. But keep in mind that the bastion host does not belong to the OCP4 cluster, it is just a helper machine from where the OCP4 installation is executed.

You can have a look at DO322 course for more details. I hope this helps.



CRC is designed to run from an actual physical machine. It works with the hypervisor on that machine, such as libvirt on RHEL and HyperV on Windows, to create a CoreOS VM that runs a trimmed-down OpenShift cluster. It is not designed to work using nested virtualization, that is, it is not designed to run inside a VM.

Have you tried the CRC installer for Windows? Maybe that blog post helps:


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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

On my PC I have an external harddisk with RHEL8.2 installed. I just booted from that and installed CRC directly on RHEL8.2, works like a charm.

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