DO180 Ch06S02 quiz question

Taking D0180, I picked A, but answer is B? cluster admin creates storageclass, users with admin/edit can create PVC. what am I not getting?'


Which statement is correct regarding persistent storage in OpenShift and Kubernetes?

A PVC represents a storage area that a pod can use to store data and is provisioned by the application developer.

A PVC represents a storage area that can be requested by a pod to store data but is provisioned by the cluster administrator.

A PVC represents the amount of memory that can be allocated to a node, so that a developer can state how much memory he requires for his application to run.

A PVC represents the number of CPU processing units that can be allocated to an application pod, subject to a limit managed by the cluster administrator.

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Starfighter Starfighter

I guess the wrong bit in A is this : "is provisioned by the application developer."

Using Openshift, the storage resources are provisioned transparently to the application developers (ie, they don't need to log into an NFS server, create a share, etc), and thus B is more accurate. Openshift can also provision storage automatically, but that's a cluster administrator responsibility, and not an individual delopver's.

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