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DO180 comprehensive review question - curl returning blank

Hi community.

I am facing an issue with the final lab for DO180 course. My image is built with no error, my container started ok, but when I curl I get "(56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer" on the first try and then get blank response next if I re-run the same curl command. I should be receiving a default html page back.

  • My Containerfile looks correct when I compare to the one in the solution (I wish I could upload the screenshot, but couldn't find the upload option)
  • The container logs ends with "JettyServer - Running" and "JettyServer - Started" , which seems ok
  • No new log messages appear after the curl
  • When run curl http://localhost:8081/nexus from inside the container I get the same blank response.

Any thought on what I could be doing wrong? I never used Nexus before, so I don't know how else to troubleshoot.

Appreciate any inputs.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

@DanielleMartinHello and thanks for sharing. I think the solution may be found from back tracking and double checking a few of the following things:

Double check your code when you created the container, were the ports exposed correctly? You typed 18081 at first then you typed 8081, maybe a typo? Are the ports open and available on your machine? Are you able to curl any other page/website? Finally did you search online using the error message as a search string?

Try turning off the firewall completely (since this is a lab). Try running the command with strace to track results into a file.

curl -x "YOUR COMMAND" --trace-ascii /tmp/dump.txt

I hope these help! Post back how you fixed it.

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

anyone has a feedback on this?

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