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DO288 - Unable to import-image

Hello All,

Iam trying to import image from The logn to has happened fine but i keep getting this error alomost everytime i do import-image.

[student@workstation trigger-builds]$ oc import-image php --from --confirm
error: tag latest failed: you may not have access to the container image "" imported with errors

Name: php
Namespace: zzhoef-trigger-builds
Created: Less than a second ago
Labels: <none>
Image Repository: image-registry.openshift-image-registry.svc:5000/zzhoef-trigger-builds/php
Image Lookup: local=false
Unique Images: 0
Tags: 1

tagged from

! error: Import failed (Unauthorized): you may not have access to the container image ""

I have verified that Secret for Auth file from podman login is created and linked to Builder Service Account. Any ideas, folks ?

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Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Use --format v2s1 flag when you are pushing your image to quay.

skopeo copy --format v2s1 ......

Or use podman instead of skopeo. oc import-image sholud work.

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