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DO288 lab2 (ch2s07)

hi everybody. I have error when trying to run through lab ch2s07

oc new-app --name elvis \
> quay.io/e719/do288-hello-java
W0220 17:12:43.348779 7576 dockerimagelookup.go:237] container image registry lookup failed: quay.io/e719/do288-hello-java:latest: missing signature key
error: local file access failed with: stat quay.io/e719/do288-hello-java: no such file or directory
error: unable to locate any images in image streams, templates loaded in accessible projects, template files, local docker images with name "quay.io/e719/do288-hello-java"

I make it visible by settings-visibility-make public
A month ago I did other lab from ch2 with do288-apache image. It still there and works fine with oc new-app.

Any ideas?

P.S. Is it special Unix-style challenge to post here a message? While you type in message text, authentication expires, you press post and it shows you ERROR bla-bla-bla, and your message is lost. Now I'm trying to write it again - and it even shows me "autosaved at ... P.M." (not first time it happen)
Very funny

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Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Heya all,

We have updated the DO288 text to workaround the issue. This is a breaking change on the side of quay.io. As a number of you noted, adding --format v2s1 should help.

Let me know if a particular exercise still doesn't work, I'll take a look.


Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

What v2s1 actually mean?
Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

Great question,

probably the most succinct text on the topic I could fine is by google.Essentially, v2s1 means Manifest version 2 schema 1.

The problem is that OpenShift 4.6 (and tooling around OCP 4.6) by default pushes images with the version 1 manifests, which is deprecated. Well, quay.io stopped supporting v1 manifests  (jira) despite OCP 4.6 having LTS support.

This means we had to re-push all our images and put the workaround in the text, which is why it wasn't the quickest fix :).

Once we update DO288 to a new OpenShift, we'll remove the workaround from the text.

Hope this helps,


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