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Hi team,

I had two failed attempts in EX280 exam, each attempt I experineced multiple questions which are not related to the material I studied.

I'm owndering if someone has experienced the same or have some clarification or guidance on how to pass this exam.

I'm new to Linux as well as OpenShift with Windows background, I'm trying my best to shift to these technologies as I'm so interested in.

Thank you

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Flight Engineer



I have cleared EX280, Version 4.12, today, in my second attempt. I would like to share a few things which I have done differently from my first attempt. 


  1. I realized after my first attempt that some of the topics in the objectives are not covered in the Handbook for Version 4.12, but the  objectives of the exam have been clearly set in https://www.redhat.com/en/services/training/red-hat-certified-openshift-administrator-exam?section=o...
  2. Since this exam has EX180 as a prerequisite ( Not mandatory, but recommended ), sections like Secrets, ConfigMaps, Volumes, and Health Checks are not covered explicitly( at least in the 4.12 Handbook ) but are essential for the exam
  3. I have practiced all the guided exercises and labs available in the handbook
  4. Get familiar with the documentation - We need not to cover the entire OpenShift Documentation( It is also impossible to cover the whole ), but the hack is we should only cover the topics mentioned in the objectives section

One thing I did not understand is, how the evaluation of the exam is performed. At the end of the exam, I verified that every solution worked as expected and was very confident that I am going to score decent marks. But, I was surprised to see less percentage in some of the sections. 


Anyhow, I am glad that I scored 233 marks and cleared the exam. Best of luck!



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Flight Engineer

Hi @sharath_vutpala,

confgratulations on passing the exam,

so your recommendations are to study DO180 regarding to these included in the exam objectives?

what about time management, for each question  approximately ?

Thanks in advance

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Flight Engineer

Hi @khokha!

Thank you. 

Yes, I would suggest to revise topics covered in D0180, like Secrets, ConfigMaps, Volumes, Health Checks, etc. 

Coming to time management, there are a few question which do not take much amount of time and remaining set of questions require approximately 10-15 min for each question. 

I followed an approach which might help you - some questions I solved using CLI commands and some in OpenShift console, which are easier to do in the interface. 

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Flight Engineer

Thanks @sharath_vutpala 



Hi @sharath_vutpala 

Congrats for clearing the exam!

Could you please give us some guidance and tips on using the documentation during the exam? does this help? it is very difficult to remeber all commands when using CLI.



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Flight Engineer

Documentation is mostly useful when you need to type a large yaml configuration. If you know where it is located in the documentation, it's faster to copy/paste than type from memory, even if you know the syntax.

If you're going to take the exam, you should have experience with OpenShift administration, and know the commands without referring to the documentation. If that's not the case, you're not ready for the exam, take a liitle more time practicing labs.

Shell completion is a great feature to save time and avoid typos. And once you know the oc subcommands, inline help using --help is way faster than going to the documentation and also provides you with examples.

Also, remember you can use the web console too. Some operations are easier on the command line, some are easier from the web console. Use the right tool.

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Flight Engineer

How long is the EX280 exam?  I don't recall seeing that piece of info anywhere. 



The duration of the EX280 exam, designated as the Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration exam, is 3 hours. Upon purchasing the exam, this information will be displayed, or you can obtain further details by contacting the exam team through the submission form provided at the following link.


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One thing I did not got was to block some added user? How to do that? 

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