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EX288V46 exam environment and tools

Hello, I will be taking EX288 next week and I have just tested the bootable iso environment.


I still have some questions related to the exam that I could not find anywhere else:

1. Will the exam be held inside the in memory loaded RHEL OS or through a browser in a remote virtual machine as you find in the DO288 course?

2. Will tools like: gedit, codium be available in the exam environment? These are tools that are present in the lab environment.

3. During DO288 course (v4.6)  there is a small section about Openshift Templates but it states that they are deprecated. However on the exam objectives, EX288 Objectives , the templates have a dedicated section. Will templates exercises still be present in EX288 version 4.6 exam?

Thank you very much for your time.

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Starfighter Starfighter

hi there,


1- The exam is provided via a remote system. Your laptop running the Exam operating system doesn't run any exam content itself.

2- Gedit - probably yes. Codium, no idea... I haven't taken the exam myself.

3- If it's in the exam objectives, it's part of the content and can be included. Yet specifics shouldn't be discussed as per the exam non disclosure agreement.





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Hi, Fran, thank you for the answer.

I am still a bit concerned about the tools provided in the exam environment.
I was asking if VSCodium is present (as it is in the DO288 lab environment) because it has out of the box support for yaml files and a file explorer where you can have a quick glance over multiple files. CLI editors like Vim without plugins and configuration have bad support for yaml files not to say the standard identation of 4 spaces that would break configuration. Even worse, if you are not allowed to presc Esc key because you would quit the exam (as it was a year ago when I took Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes certification) it would make Vim edit operations even more cumbersome. I know you can use "oc patch" to modify resources inline but the path for these commands is error prone.

Another question is if ALT + TAB would work in the remote exam environment. In the standard lab environment it does not work and this makes navigating between multiple terminals, editors, browsers really slow.



Flight Engineer Flight Engineer
Flight Engineer

ALT+TAB is not working.

ESC (in Vim) is working.


set cursorcolumn

set ts=2 (tabstop or How wide is a tab)

set et (expand tab or Make 2 spaces instead of a tab)

set ai (autoindent or Start the next line in the same column as this)

There are alot more yml,yaml options for Vim!

Hope this helps!

best regards,
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